• Length: 13.7km

  • Duration: 4-5hrs

  • Grade: 4

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Meikles Point Picnic area

  • End: Meikles Point Picnic area

  • Location: Werribee Gorge State Park

  • Closest Town: Bacchus Marsh

  • Distance from CBD: 70km

  • State: VIC

  • Latitude: -37.67296948

  • Longitude: 144.3637034

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Werribee Gorge and Falcons Rim is a 13.7km, grade 4 circuit hike, located in Werribee Gorge State Park, Victoria. The hike should take approximately 4-5hrs to complete.


Parts of this hiking trail traverse through private land. You will need to seek an alternate route or seek permission of the land owner to access their land.

Hike Summary

This Werribee Gorge and Falcons Rim Circuit hike explores the length of the Werribee Gorge circuit as well as combining the Falcons Lookout track and Western Bluff Track. Starting at Meikles Point Picnic area follow the Werribee River to the north west. The first part of the walk follows a disused water channel built between 1926 and 1929 to supply irrigation to the local area.

The trail is quite awkward from this point until Needles Beach as it hugs the base of a few small cliffs. Needles beach is a good place for a rest stop. Continued along the trail for about 150m before finding a suitable crossing point back to the opposite side of the river. Listen out for running water as that is where you will often find the best crossing points. Turn left once you cross the river and walk back to the entrance to Ironbark Gorge.

Ascend the steep ridge immediately to the right of the gorge. This is called Falcons Spur and is a well defined but rocky trail. Alternatively you can follow Ironbark Gorge along its length to rejoin the Falcons lookout trail. The trail is not as well defined though. After about 200m the ridge levels out to expose some amazing views through the Werribee Gorge.

Continue along this trail to the base of Falcons lookout and a popular rock climbing site. There is a set of timber stairs taking you to the base if the site. From Falcons lookout the trail follows the crest of a wooded ridge before dropping into a narrow and shady valley.

This trail them enters the upper section of Ironbark Gorge before climbing out of the valley and on to IronBark car park.

Turn left and walk 400m along the gravel road to the train line crossing. Immediately to your left you will see the start of the Western Bluff track. Gradually descend the ridge to the rocky outcrop of Western Bluff. From the bluff the trail descended steeply via Needles spur into the depths of the Werribee Gorge.

Once I reached the Werribee River cross the river then turn left to follow the Werribee River gorge trail to Needles Beach. You are now retracing a short section from the early part of the circuit.

Follow the trail along the eastern side of the river as far as Blackwood pool. The trail then leaves the river to ascend a rocky ridge to western viewpoint. A great spot to take in the twisting river below.

Continue to walk east from Western viewpoint past picture point, which overlooks Needles Beach, and on to Eastern Viewpoint where you can take in a view of the Island. From Eastern Viewpoint you now have the option of following the short circuit trail back to Meikles Point or continuing east past the Hanson Farm ruins back to the quarry car park.

The trail from the car park now follows Myers road for a few hundred metres. Leave the road and follow the trail across a few shallow gullies before descending Pattersons spur via a vehicle management track and back to Meikles Point.


Hiking poles will be of benefit. Don't attempt to cross the river if the water levels are too high. A section of this hike traverses private land from Western Bluff lookout to needles beach then the section from the entrance to Ironbark Gorge to the top of Falcons Spur.

GPX File

Total distance: 13741 m
Max elevation: 399 m
Min elevation: 147 m
Total climbing: 782 m
Total descent: -784 m
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26 thoughts on “Werribee Gorge and Falcons Rim (13.7km)

  1. Just came back from there yesterday. Such an amazing place fill with all sort of different environments during the trial.

    A MUST MUST VISIT PLACE if you enjoy hiking much.

    The trail will take you first to mountain climb, heart stopping cliffs, river walk, river rope climb and much much more.

    You won’t find it in any other hiking places.

    I will definitely explore this place more in next upcoming holiday.

    1. It is a shame really, I started hiking there about 8 years ago and I could go on a weekend and be the only person there. It was the reason I went almost every weekend. Visited again recently and was shocked by the volume of people. Ironic that I escape into nature to get away from the world but seems everyone is doing the same so it is getting harder and harder to escape..

    2. Trail Hiking Australia many of the hikers I have come across are not equipped for this kind of walk, do not have any water or food. They just drive in from the city to go for a walk without a map and have no idea of the track.

    3. Muriel Pepper sadly that represents the vast majority or people out there. Preparation is key to enjoying any hike and returning safely. I think a lot of people enjoy urban walks and when they transition into hiking in wild areas they don’t realise the preparation required. Hoping that will change over time.

    4. Muriel Pepper we’ve had people started following us half way through and when asked them where are they planning to go, they just had a blanket look. Ended up giving them a map and tell them to go to the other side of the river where they were meant to be going . Definitely a bit worrying

    5. Darren Edwards part of me would like to encourage ppl to outdoors, but then the other part of me would rather not have people unprepared and get themselves into trouble or trash our parks! The problem is probably universal as I’ve seen news about tourists on tongariro crossing wearing jeans etc. more education is definitely needed and probably needs right now

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