Are you looking for training hikes to help you get in shape for your next multi-day trek, hike or run? 

The best way to train for a multi-day trek or hike is to mimic the activity as closely as possible. The amount of conditioning you need depends on your current fitness level and the types of trips you have planned. My belief is that the best training for long distance walks is to go hiking, but start small and build your way up.

I have prepared a handful of hikes below of varying distance so that you can work your way up as your fitness improves. The key feature of all of these hikes is that they have steep hills which is just what you need to build up your lung capacity and muscle strength. These are all half or full day hikes but when you are ready for something multi-day simply search my site.

Before you get started, don’t forget to read the articles I have prepared on getting fit for trekking and hiking.


The Big Walk (11km)

Summary The Big Walk is perhaps one of the most interesting, diverse and naturally beautiful yet accessible full day walks ...

Warburton to Mt Donna Buang via Mt Victoria (13.4km)

Summary If you're up to it, it is very satisfying to climb the mountain right from the bottom. This walk ...

Glasgow Track (2.1km)

Summary The Glosgow Track (a disused fire trail) commences where Glasgow Road intersects with Sheffield Road in Kilsyth at the ...

Mount Juliet (8.7km)

Summary Mount Juliet is among the highest peaks in the Yarra Ranges region, with a very steep walking track leading ...

Donnellys Weir Mt St Leonard (25.3km)

Summary The Donnellys Weir Mt St Leonard hike starts just outside the gate to Donnellys Weir and follows a track ...

Mount Feathertop – The Razorback (22km)

Summary The Mount Feathertop - The Razorback hike summits Mt Feathertop, the second highest mountain in Victoria and one of the ...

Mount Bogong – Staircase Spur (19.3km)

Summary At 1986 metres high, Mt Bogong is Victoria's tallest mountain, dwarfing all its rivals. The Mount Bogong - Staircase ...
Buangor State park

Beeripmo Walk (20.6km)

Summary The Beeripmo Walk represents a challenge for the more experienced bush walker, this rewarding two day walk winds through ...
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Cathedral Range – Southern Circuit (11km)

Summary The Cathedral Range is a spectacular seven kilometre ridge of sharply upturned sedimentary rock. A variety of walking tracks ...

Macedon Ranges Walking Trail (18.8km)

Summary The start of the Macedon Ranges Walking Trail is an easy stroll along a bitumen road from the Mount ...

Flinders Peak (3.0km)

Summary Starting from the Turntable car park, this walk takes you to the highest point of the You Yangs. There ...

Lerderderg Gorge via Link Tracks 1 and 2 (8.2km)

Summary This Lerderderg Gorge via Link Tracks 1 and 2  hike starts at the Mackenzies Flat Picnic area and follows ...

If you know of any other hikes that are perfect for training please let me know so I can include them here.

Author: Darren Edwards – Trail Hiking Australia


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