Helinox FL135 Hiking Poles


Field test and review – From my experiences to date, the build quality seems excellent all around. They are comfortable, very light weight (for their size), extremely durable, and completely adjustable in all the right places.

Use hiking poles


Hiking poles significantly reduce the impact and cumulative fatigue on leg muscles and joints and your lower back, whether going up or down, especially when you’re carrying a load on your back.

Handy hiking hints

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As an experienced hiker, I’ve put together the top hiking hints for beginners so that you can get out there confidently too. It’s all about taking that first step out of your comfort zone and I promise you that you’ll be hooked.

Illumina X Ultralight Hiking Tent


Field test and review – The Illumina X was quick to setup, a breeze to pack down, roomy for one person and all my gears, the design seems well thought out, the construction is solid and best of all, the price, for this 4 season tent places it in the truly affordable bracket.

Snowshoes for Winter Hiking

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You can try hiking in the snow wearing regular hiking boots. However, you’ll soon find that with every step, you’re sinking into the snow making progress tiring and tedious. Snowshoes will make all the difference.

Hiking on snow


Hiking safely across snow is an essential skill for many hikers and climbers as it is not the same as hiking on terra firma. Even if you don’t aspire to climbing peaks, it is definitely worth your time to learn how to kick good steps and travel with an ice axe.

Keeping your hiking group together


Leading a hike is not always as simple as strapping on your pack and expecting the rest of the group to follow. There are different levels of fitness, capabilities, experience, skills, personalities and pace of individuals to consider when keeping your hiking group together.

Hiking up and down hills


Many hikers have a love/hate relationship with walking uphill or downhill. It takes extra exertion, so you know it is probably doing good things for your body. The benefits make it worth the sweat, especially when you take the time to walk uphill with good technique.

Hiking shelters


Ultimately it will be the style of hike, trail conditions and personal preference that will allow to to make a decision on what kind of hiking shelter is best for you.

COXA M18 Day Pack


Field test and review – Recently I was contacted by Summit Global, who is the Australian distributor for the COXA M18 Day Pack. As you might imagine, I was somewhat excited as I agreed to field-test this intriguing day pack.

Osprey Aether AG™ 70


Field test and review – I am quite impressed with the features and benefits of the Osprey Aether AG™ 70 and encourage you to check one out in-store before making your next overnight pack purchase.

Trip Report – Carnarvon Great Walk

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The Carnarvon Great Walk is an 87 kilometre six-day circuit around the Carnarvon Gorge section of the Carnarvon National Park. It takes in the famous gorge itself on the first day, with most of the remainder of the walk high up on the Great Dividing Range above the gorge.

Fjällräven Keb Trousers


Field test and review – Fjällräven market the Keb Trousers as ‘technically advanced trekking trousers with optimised fit and carefully planned details. Intended for alpine trekking that requires climbing’. Check out my review.

Things to do in the Riverina


Whatever your interests, there are plenty of things to see and do in the Riverina. From camping and fishing to bushwalking and hiking, the Riverina is bursting with outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Panda Child Carrier


Field test and review – Panda Child Carrier. Designed for the harsh sun conditions we’re used to here and are suitable for kids from seven months to four years old.

Ten tips for wilderness first aiders

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You or a hiking buddy get hurt. Sit back, relax and call 000. It wont be long before help arrives. The reality is, help could be hours or days away before a recovery team can get to you so be prepared to manage the situation.

Swollen hands


Swelling can be caused by several factors, but the most common causes are gravity and the way the body distributes heat during exercise. The problem is not serious and will go away soon after you stop hiking.

Aarn Featherlite Freedom Pack


Field test and review – Ultimately the choice of pack comes down to fit, comfort and whether it meets the users requirements, for me when I put the Featherlite Freedom on, it fits, it is comfortable and I barely notice it being there.

Helinox Ground Chair


Field test and review – Comfort while hiking and camping is worth a few grams as the Helinox Ground Chair takes outdoor comfort to a new level of lightweight portability.