Richard's Tramline
  • Length: 22.6km

  • Duration: 8hrs

  • Grade: 4

  • Style: Return

  • Start: Big Pats Creek

  • End: Big Pats Creek

  • Closest Town: Warburton

  • Location: Warburton

  • Distance from state capital: 83km

  • State: VIC

  • Latitude: -37.770275

  • Longitude: 145.756363


Richard’s Tramline is a 22.6km, grade 4 Return hike located in Warburton Victoria. The hike should take approximately 8hrs to complete.


Richards Tramline is a pleasant walk of around 11km that passes through some pretty bushland that brings to mind the rich logging history of the area.

You can tackle it either as an out-and-back in one big 22km day or organise a car shuffle and go one way only. For this you drive to the junction of Road Seven and Brahams Rd and leave one car here before returning to the car park at Big Pats Creek.

Setting off from Big Pats Creek, the Tramline follows the route cut through the forest by William Richards in 1916 so he could move highly-prized timber from outlying sawmills deep in the bush to the train line lower in the valley. The route wanders and not only to maintain a gradient suitably gentle for moving logs (and as it happens walking), Richards was forced to make tight turns to skirt private land on which he would have had to pay high fees.

Though most signs of the Tramline’s infrastructure have long been consumed back into the bush, there are still a few old sleepers and dog spikes that hint at more industrious days gone by. Such history provides much food for thought as you wander amongst the tall tress before arriving at Road Seven and your car.

It should be noted that whilst the trail condition is adequate, it is not as well maintained as other trails in the area and has a rough and ready feel to it. In some areas the surface can get boggy and walkers should expect to clamber over the odd downed tree, but that just adds to the adventure.

For more information about this trail go to Visit Warburton

Getting there

From Melbourne City to Yarra Valley (via Eastlink Tollway) – Make your way onto the Eastern Freeway and travel towards Ringwood. The Eastern Freeway turns into the Eastlink Toolway after Springvale Road. If you have an Eastlink or Citylink pass, continue on the Eastlink Tollway and go through the Mullum Mullum tunnel – make sure to stay in the left lane as the turnoff is straight after the tunnel ends. Turn left after exiting the tunnel towards Ringwood. Turn left onto the Maroondah Highway towards Lilydale. Once past Lilydale, turn right at the Warburton Highway turnoff to explore the Warburton Valley. Turn left onto Warburton Hwy/B380. Continue onto Woods Point Rd/C511. Take Big Pats Creek Rd to Burns Rd in Big Pats Creek.

By Public Transport Public Transport Victoria has regular trains heading to Lilydale Station. From Lilydale Station, catch a Martyrs bus to travel to Warburton .

About the region

With the Yarra River meandering through the town, lined with gorgeous trees and numerous parks, Warburton offers a relaxing experience. The Lilydale-Warburton Rail Trail begins here. Warburton is where it all begins. Just one hour from Melbourne, the Warburton Valley is life at nature’s pace. Always green, Warburton is where the Yarra River runs clear.


Best completed in summer and shoulder season; muddy, slippery and difficult going in winter; expect variable track conditions and fallen trees; car shuffle required if walking one way.


Total distance: 11414 m
Max elevation: 651 m
Min elevation: 242 m
Total climbing: 343 m
Total descent: -735 m
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Alternative Trail

For an easier route that does not require a car shuffle, you could walk 8km along Richards Tramline to where you will find a trail veering off to your left. This will deposit you out onto Mississippi Rd where it is a gentle stroll back down that road until you reach Big Pats Creek. This is an approximate 15km loop.

You can also determine the length you walk by following the Walk It guide as far along the trail as you want to before turning around and heading back to the start.


For more information about this trail go to Visit Warburton


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