The benefits of hiking

Experience the many benefits of hiking

Hiking is a great way to get in touch with nature and to get a bit of exercise as you explore. From boosting fitness, to improving mental wellbeing – and even helping us in our social lives, hiking offers all kinds of tangible benefits. The great news is that it doesn’t stop there. When you consider all the physical, health, psychological, emotional, and mental health benefits of hiking there really is no reason not to head out into the wilderness and start exploring our amazing country. I am passionate about hiking and the benefits it provides. Want to know why? You can read my story here.

Hiking is great for your kids too!

Your kids are more likely to be physically fit and have a lower risk of becoming obese, developing high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes. They’ll may also sleep better at night and be more alert in class. Plus, if they’re fit, they may have a greater self-confidence and be less vulnerable to schoolyard bullying.

But, before you jump into your car and start for the nearest summit or overnight hike with your kids, there are a few things you should consider to make the whole adventure more enjoyable.

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