Nelson Falls Trail Hiking Australia
  • Length: 1.4km

  • Duration: 30mins

  • Grade: 2

  • Style: Return

  • Start: Nelson River an Lyell Highway

  • End: Nelson River an Lyell Highway

  • Closest Town: Queenstown

  • Location: Wild Rivers National Park

  • Distance from state capital: 233km

  • State: TAS

  • Latitude: -42.10397

  • Longitude: 145.736395

Trail Access

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Trail Features

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Concrete Path

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Nelson Falls is a 1.4km, grade 2 Return hike located in Wild Rivers National Park Tasmania. The hike should take approximately 30mins to complete.


These delightful falls are reached after a very easy walk. Break the long drive and stretch your legs; you won’t be disappointed.


Along the boardwalk to Nelson Falls you will come across interpretation panels highlighting the ancient plants you see along the way, including at least seven species of fern. These interpretation panels will take you on a journey back in time to when Tasmania was a part of the great supercontinent of Gondwana.

Among the forest trees you will discover ancient species that once dominated the Australian landmass, but are now confined to the wetter regions of Tasmania and southeast and eastern mainland Australia. Many of the species of these cool temperate rainforests are only suited to the cool, moist conditions of places such as the Nelson Valley.

The species of these rainforests have much in common with the rainforests of New Zealand and South America. Indeed, the ancestors of these plants once flourished on the ancient supercontinent, Gondwana, which comprised today’s southern continents. Following the breakup of Gondwana, these species found themselves separated by vast distances. The similarity of the rainforest species of these continents is the legacy of this common origin.


The Western Wilderness

Getting there

Located on the Lyell Highway (A10) between Queenstown and Derwent Bridge.


Park entry fees apply. (Lake St Clair or Queenstown are the closest places to obtain a pass.)

Picnic and toilet facilities located 33km east at the Franklin River

Supervise children, flowing waters.

No pets, firearms or bicycles.


Total distance: 1186 m
Max elevation: 386 m
Min elevation: 335 m
Total climbing: 60 m
Total descent: -60 m

For more information about this hiking trail please visit Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania