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Keeping Your Energy Up on the Trail

Great Walks looks at eight foods that will guarantee you a boost to send you skipping down the trail. We
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Down vs Synthetic Sleeping Bags

We are often asked the benefits of down filled vs synthetic sleeping bags. Both types have advantages and disadvantages but
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Trail Running: How Much Water Should You Carry?

Hydration: This is the most common trail running topic we get asked about at Bogong Equipment. Trail Running: How Much
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Cinnamon Fungus Dieback

Cinnamon Fungus – Dieback

What is Cinnamon Fungus - Dieback? Cinnamon Fungus (Phytophthora cinnamomi) is a microscopic, soil borne pathogen (disease causing organism) that
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Victorian High Country Huts Code of Conduct

Victorian High Country Huts Code of Conduct

Many walkers are under the misconception that huts are there to be used as accommodation. This is not correct. Please
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7 Amazing Destinations for Those Who Love Exploring

Some people go on holiday to relax in the sun. Others prefer to spend their holidays exploring, and taking on
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Lightweight Food for Hiking

Every bushwalker has their own ideas about what to eat on a bushwalk. Here, Bogong owner Neil Blundy gives some
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Hiking With Horses

Hiking With Horses: The Best Places to Enjoy a Unique Outdoor Adventure in Australia Australia is a wonderful country if
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Overnight Hikes with Kids in Victoria

Are you looking for overnight hikes to that will give your kids a sense of adventure and get your kids into
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Overnight Hiking with Kids

Do your kids hear the call of the great outdoors? I used to hike a lot without my kids as
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Top 11 Desert Camping Tips That You Should Know Today

Are you thinking about camping in a desert? Are you aware of these desert Camping tips before travelling? When you
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Training Hikes in Victoria

Are you looking for training hikes to help you get in shape for your next multi-day trek, hike or run?  The
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Benefits of UltraDry Down

In a world of technical brilliance it is remarkable that the performance of certain natural products have not been surpassed.
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My Top 5 Hikes in Victoria

Victoria, Australia's second-smallest state really packs a punch when it comes to strapping on your booths and hitting the trail.
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My Favourite Overnight Hikes Close to Melbourne

What I love about hiking in Victoria is that all of this is right on our doorstep, just waiting to
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