Carappee Hill Hiking Trail (4.6km)

Glacial Circuit (2km)

Devils Nose and Back Hike (5km)

Bashams Beach Regional Park Circuits (5.7km)

Dutchmans Stern Circuit (10.6km)

Randell Park Reserve (3.6km)

Rocky River Hike (13km)

Valley Circuit Circuit (3km)

Ridgeway Hill Walking Circuit, Newland Head (7.5km)

Baroota Hike, Mambray Creek (6km)

Weirs Cove Hike (2.8km)

Rosetta Circuit – The Bluff (0.8km)

Sugar Gum Lookout Hike (8km)

Ironstone Hill Hike (4.2km)

Heysen Trail – Waitpinga Cliffs to Kings Beach (11.5km)

Thomson-Pfitzner Plaster Trail (7.6km)

Measday Circuit (4.8km)

Alligator Gorge Circuit (3km)

Victoria Hill Circuit (1.4km)

Horsnell Gully and Giles Conservation Park (8.7km)

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