Feathertop and Highplains Circuit (47km)

Bryce Gorge Circuit (7.6km)

Fainter and Spion Kopje Firetrail Circuit (65km)

Mt Bogong Circuit from Falls Creek (63km)

Spargo and Derrick Huts (11km)

Crosscut Saw and Mt Speculation (24.7km)

Eagle Peaks and Eight Mile Spur (20.5km)

Mount Ned Overlook (4.5km)

The Viking Circuit (40.7km)

Howitt and Helicopter Spur (26.7km)

Mount Buller Traverse (19.9km)

Mount St Gwinear to Mount Whitelaw (25.2km)

The Huts Walk (17.7km)

Eagle Peaks and Eight Mile Gap (13.7km)

Mount Feathertop – North West Spur (22.2km)

Derrick Hut (8.1km)

Delatite River Trail (22km)

Buller Huts Trail (96km)

Cobungra Ditch (22.6km)

The Bluff via Link Track (25.7km)

Mount McDonald and The Nobs (19.8km)

Mount Buller to Mount Stirling (17km)

Mount Feathertop – Bon Accord Spur (45.7km)

Mount Howitt (14km)

First Falls and Moroka Gorge (13.3km)

Howitt and the High Country (21.8km)

Hotham to Dinner Plain Trail (22.5km)

Mount Loch (6.9km)

The Bluff Trail (28.1km)

Great Walhalla Alpine Trail (41.4km)

Tombstone Overlook (2.75km)

Mt Buller via North Ridge (9.2km)

Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing (37km)

Mount Cobbler Plateau Circuit (28.6km)

Mount Feathertop – The Razorback (22km)

Mount Feathertop – Champion Spur (26.4km)

Blowfly Spur and the Blue Rag Range (46.5km)

Brandy Creek Mine to Cobungra River (7km)

Mount Bogong – Staircase Spur (21.4km)

Mt Buller via Kingsporn Bridle Track (16.7km)

Four and Six Mile Spurs (22km)

Eagle Peaks Circuit (26km)

Mount Stirling Summit Loop (12km)

Langfords Aqueduct 1 Kellys Hut (18km)

Mount Clear Traverse (22.2km)

Mount Ligar and Tamboritha (31km)

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