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Hanging Rock Walk (500m)

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve: A Haven for Wildlife near Canberra

Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, a treasure trove of Australian wildlife, lies just a 45-minute drive from Canberra, the capital city. Encompassing diverse habitats – from sub-alpine wetlands and grasslands to wet and dry forests – the reserve provides a sanctuary for a remarkable array of native animals.

The park is particularly renowned for its conservation efforts. Tidbinbilla is the only place in the ACT where you’ll find Brush-tailed Rock-Wallabies. Keep an eye out for these fascinating creatures as you explore the reserve.

Another highlight is the endangered Grassland Earless Dragon, a tiny lizard thriving in Tidbinbilla’s cooler, higher-altitude regions. You might also spot brightly coloured Northern Corroboree Frogs, another threatened species that calls the sub-alpine woodlands and heathlands home.

Tidbinbilla offers a range of walking and hiking options to suit all fitness levels. With 24 marked trails, you can choose a leisurely stroll through the Sanctuary wetlands, embark on a quest to spot a koala in the Eucalypt Forest, or challenge yourself with a full-day hike to the summit of the Tidbinbilla Range.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or simply looking for a relaxing day in nature, Tidbinbilla caters to everyone. Families will love the Nature Discovery Playground, while idyllic picnic areas with barbecue facilities provide the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious lunch outdoors.

Tidbinbilla holds a deep significance for the Ngunnawal people, the traditional custodians of the land. Evidence suggests their connection to the Canberra region, including Tidbinbilla Valley, stretches back tens of thousands of years. Rock shelters dating back to the last Ice Age serve as a testament to this enduring presence. The Tidbinbilla Valley has played a vital role in the ACT’s nature conservation efforts since 1936 and was officially designated a nature reserve and national park in 1971.

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