Find the best short walks around Australia. Experience our unique country at its best with short walks or strolls through the most iconic scenery, beautiful national parks and diverse landscapes. Some of our best walking trails may be less than two hours away.

New Norfolk Esplanade (1.0km)

Snug Falls (2.1km)

Alum Cliffs Track (6.0km)

Hobart Rivulet Park (2.7km)

Donaghys Hill Wilderness Walk (2.2km)

Russell Falls Track (1.6kmm)

Fossil Cliffs (4.5km)

Evercreech Falls (2.1km)

Burnies Creek Cascades (7.5km)

Calcified Forest Walk (1.7km)

Mystery Creek Cave Trail (2km)

Parsons Falls (2km)

Liffey Falls (6km)

Lost Falls (300 m)

Forth Falls (3km)

Hartnett Falls (1.5km)

New Town Rivulet Track (7.5km)

Dove Lake Circuit (6km)

Adams Falls (2.8km)

Crater Falls (4km)

Tall Trees Walk (1km)

Pencil Pine Cascades (100 m)

Lovers Falls (6.2km)

Coningham Clifftop Track (3.8km)

New Town Falls (7.5km)

Lower Chasm Falls (7.2km)

Duck Reach and Kings Bridge (6.7km)

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