Find the best short walks around Australia. Experience our unique country at its best with short walks or strolls through the most iconic scenery, beautiful national parks and diverse landscapes. Some of our best walking trails may be less than two hours away.

Strzelecki Peaks Flinders Island (6.2km)

Nieka Pipeline Track (6km)

Evercreech (1km)

Mavista Falls (3km)

Peter Murrell Reserves and Coffee Creek Track (7.8km)

Marriotts Falls (5km)

Bicentennial Track (1.5km)

Derwent Valley Rail Trail (7km)

Waterfall Bay Walk (4.5km)

Oldaker Falls (800 m)

Nelson Falls (1.4km)

Cascade Walking Track (2.4km)

Willies Falls (6km)

Enchanted Forest Walk (1.6km)

Duck Hole Lake Trail (1.8km)

Friendly Beaches (5.9km)

Suncoast Headlands Track (3.0km)

Sensation Gorge Falls (500 m)

Wielangta Tramway Trail (6.5km)

Lake St Clair Walk (4.7km)

Ralphs Falls (2.5km)

Boronia Beach Track (2.0km)

Gentle Annie Falls Circuit (1.3km)

Montana Falls (3km)

Kermandie Falls (5.6km)

Rocherlea Rail Trail (4km)

Mt Direction Track (3.9km)

Apsley River Waterhole and Gorge (5.6km)

Zig Zag Track (1.9km)

Arve Falls (1km)

Montezuma Falls (8km)

Billy Browns Falls (2.2km)

Whyte River Walk (3.3km)

Ferntree Falls (200 m)

Meetus Falls (500 m)

Brickfields Track (1.0km)

Adamsons Falls (6.5km)

Castle Rock Flinders Island (6.4km)

Waterfall Bay (100 m)

Fern Glade Circuit (1.7km)

Russell, Horseshoe & Lady Barron Falls (6.7km)

Fern Glade Walk (1.2km)

Guide Falls (100 m)

Tinderbox Hills Track (3.6km)

O’Gradys Falls (2.5km)

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