Explore the Stunning Hiking Trails of Queensland

Queensland’s national parks are a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, boasting an unparalleled variety of hiking trails. Whether you seek a leisurely stroll through ancient rainforests, a heart-pounding climb to a mountain peak, or a refreshing dip beneath a hidden waterfall, Queensland has something for every adventurer. Explore options for hikes near Brisbane for a quick escape, or delve deeper into the state’s wilderness for a multi-day adventure.

Regardless of your skill level or desired pace, Queensland’s hiking trails offer an unforgettable escape into nature. Start planning your adventure today! Ready to start exploring? Use the interactive map and trail descriptions below to find the perfect hike for you.

Grade 3

Combo Waterhole Trail Walk (2.6km)

Queensland: Beaches, Rainforests, Reef & Outback Adventures

Queensland ignites the imagination with its diverse landscapes, offering a slice of paradise for every traveller. From the dazzling lights of the Gold Coast to the technicoloured underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland promises an unforgettable experience.

Boasting over 1,000 unique ecosystems and five World Heritage-listed sites, Queensland’s beauty is truly captivating. Imagine pristine white-sand islands dotting turquoise waters in the Whitsundays, vibrant coral teeming with fish and turtles on the Great Barrier Reef, and lush rainforests swaying in the sunlight of the Daintree.

While Queensland may be synonymous with its sparkling coastline and idyllic Whitsunday Islands, the state also boasts rugged outback landscapes and ancient rainforests teeming with unique wildlife. Venture beyond the coast and discover the diverse wonders Queensland has to offer.

Queensland’s vast and diverse landscape, encompassing over 1.8 million square kilometres, is a playground for exploration. Step outside your comfort zone and discover countless opportunities for adventure.

From exhilarating white-water rafting experiences on the Tully River to scenic hikes through Lamington National Park, Queensland promises unforgettable memories. Whether you seek breathtaking natural wonders or heart-pounding thrills, Queensland has something for everyone. So, start planning your Queensland adventure today and discover the beauty that awaits.