Explore the natural wonders of New South Wales on walking trails and tracks in magnificent national parks, from the dazzling coast to Australia’s highest peaks to the striking outback. You’ll be amazed with the UNESCO World Heritage areas, including the Blue Mountains and the Gondwana Rainforests.

Patonga to Wondabyne station via Pindar Caves overnight (28.1km)

Warrah Trig to Patonga (2.2km)

Patonga to Staples Lookout (17km)

Patonga to Woy Woy (15.5km)

Patonga to Warrah Trig Station (4.3km)

Wondabyne to Patonga walking track (23km)

Patonga to Pearl Beach walking track (3km)

Patonga to Wondabyne station via Mt Wondabyne (19.5km)

Great North walk – Brisbane Water National Park (38km)

Patonga to Somersby (41.5km)

Warrah Trig to Lookout (800m)

Patonga to Pearl Beach (4.3km)

Warrah Trig to Pearl Beach (2.8km)