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Namadgi National Park: Aboriginal Culture, Diverse Nature & History near Canberra

The traditional owners of Namadgi National Park, located near Tharwa in the Australian Capital Territory, are the Ngunnawal people. For millennia, they have protected this land, which holds deep cultural, social, environmental and spiritual significance for them. Encompassing 106,095 hectares of alpine, sub-alpine and mountain bushland, Namadgi National Park constitutes nearly half of the ACT’s landmass.

Established in 1984, Namadgi National Park safeguards the ACT’s biodiversity. The park shelters a vast array of birds, animals and plant life, alongside both Aboriginal and European heritage sites. Visitors can explore these riches via hundreds of kilometres of walking tracks, ranging from leisurely strolls to challenging hikes.

Within the park lie historic huts and homesteads, remnants of a bygone era. Namadgi National Park also holds significant Ngunnawal cultural sites and objects, such as the Yankee Hat Rock Art. These places embody the Ngunnawal people’s knowledge, values and wisdom. Their stories are not just preserved in physical locations, but also passed down through generations via oral traditions, dance, memory, ceremonies and the artistic depictions found at rock art sites.

The Ngunnawal people emphasise the importance of protecting these sites and objects for future generations. Visitors are urged to respect these cultural treasures, as they are an integral and ancient part of Namadgi’s narrative.