Explore stunning hiking trails of Mount Barney National Park

Discover the diverse trails of Mount Barney National Park, Queensland, offering hikes and walks for all skill levels and interests. Find your perfect adventure today.

Grade 5

Mount Ernest Summit Hike (12km)

Grade 4

Yellow Pinch Lookout (2km)

Grade 4

Cronan Creek Falls (12km)

Grade 5

Mount Barney Summit Hike (15km)

Grade 4

Lower Portals Track (7.4km)

Ancient Peaks & Hidden Rainforests: Explore Mount Barney National Park

Mount Barney National Park, located roughly 120km southwest of Brisbane, Queensland (itself 90km from the state capital), is a captivating part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area. This wild and scenic park boasts rugged mountain peaks, including Mount Barney, the second-highest in Southeast Queensland. These peaks are remnants of an ancient shield volcano called Focal Peak, which erupted a staggering 24 million years ago.

The park provides a haven for diverse plant and animal life, with cascading creeks and pristine rainforests protecting many rare and vulnerable species. Explore the park at your own pace. Adventurous hikers can tackle the challenging climbs to the peaks and be rewarded with breathtaking panoramas of craggy ridges and distant ranges. For a more leisurely experience, there are numerous moderate walking tracks around the base of the mountains.

The park’s vegetation varies considerably, from open forests at the foothills to subtropical rainforests above 600 meters and montane heath shrublands closer to the summits. Interestingly, the summit of Mount Ballow features cool temperate rainforest, while Mount Maroon showcases mallee eucalypt shrublands. Keep an eye out for the park’s unique plant life, including the endangered Mount Maroon wattle, the near-threatened bell-fruited mallee, and the vulnerable bush pea and Hillgrove gum.

While a large portion of the park falls within the Gondwana Rainforests World Heritage Area, there are also several established and graded walking tracks available. These provide a fantastic opportunity to experience the park’s beauty, including its cascading creeks and lush rainforest pockets, without necessarily conquering the peaks. The four existing walking tracks are all classified as grade 4, so choose the one that best suits your group’s fitness level. Remember to avoid hiking during the hottest part of the day for a safer and more enjoyable experience.

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