Find the best half day hikes around Australia. Experience our unique country at its best with half day hikes through the most iconic scenery, beautiful national parks and diverse landscapes. Some of our best walking trails may be less than two hours away.

Trephina Ridgetop Walk (10km)

Turners Lookout and Chain of Ponds (12.5km)

River Torrens Linear Trail (35km)

Chambers Circuit (9.6km)

Dutchmans Stern Circuit (10.6km)

Heysen Trail – Mylor to Aldgate (10.2km)

Sugar Gum Lookout Hike (8km)

The Barossa Trail (10km)

Westside Bike Path (9km)

Waterfall Gully to Mt Lofty Summit (8km)

Horsnell Gully and Giles Conservation Park (8.7km)

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail – Day 5: Kelly Hill Section (7.6km)

Return Road Hike (9km)

Boat Harbor Circuit (9.4km)

Onkeeta Circuit (10.8km)

Wine Shanty Circuit (10km)

Hiltaba Walking Circuits (10km)

Waite & Brownhill Creek Circuit (9.5km)

Mike Turtur Bikeway (9km)

Aaron Creek Circuit (10km)

Microcarpa, Lorikeet and Valley Circuit (10.4km)

Quarry Hike (9.4km)

Coastal Cliffs Walking Circuit (8.6km)

Scott Creek Eastern Circuit (8.5km)

Warren Tower Circuit (9km)

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail – Admirals Arch Side Trip (9.6km)

Yurrebilla Trail – Section 3: Summertown to Norton Summit (9km)

Alligator Gorge Ring Route Circuit (8.9km)

Devils Nose, Lizard Rock and Hissey Circuit (8.8km)

Bunyeroo and Wilcolo Creeks Circuit (9.2km)

Sturt Gorge River Trail (9.8km)

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail – Day 5: Hanson Bay Hike (8.5km)

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