Grade 2 Walking Tracks in Cann River

Grade 2 (Easy) trails are suitable for families with young children. No hiking experience is required as trails have a harder compacted surface. Expect gentle hills and occasional steps. Hikes are generally less than 10km. Click here for more information on the hike grading system in Australia. Discover the best grade 2 trails in Cann River, Victoria, Australia.

Grade 2

Point Hicks Lightstation Walk (4km)

Grade 2 (Easy) Hikes

A Gentle Introduction to Inclines: Moving on to Grade 2 on the AWTGS scale, these walking tracks offer a slightly more challenging experience compared to Grade 1. Similar to Grade 1, no prior bushwalking experience is required. The track surface is typically hardened or compacted and may have gentle hill sections or occasional steps. The total distance of a Grade 2 walk is typically no greater than 10 kilometers. These walks are still suitable for families with a bit more experience or those seeking a gentle introduction to some inclines.