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Carnarvon Great Walk (87km)

Discover Carnarvon National Park: Sandstone Wonders and Aboriginal Culture

Carnarvon National Park, a hidden gem in Queensland’s central highlands, boasts towering sandstone cliffs, colourful gorges, and a rich tapestry of plant and animal life. This national park, 720 kilometres northwest of Brisbane, is an oasis in the heart of Central Queensland.

Dramatic white sandstone cliffs frame Carnarvon Gorge, a deep chasm with vibrant, lush side gorges. Boulder-strewn Carnarvon Creek winds its way through the gorge, creating a picturesque scene.

Beyond its natural beauty, Carnarvon Gorge holds significant cultural and natural heritage. Sheltered side gorges harbour remnant rainforests, while ancient cycads, ferns and flowering shrubs line the main gorge. The park’s diverse plant life reflects a cooler, wetter past. The park is also a haven for diverse wildlife, including over 173 bird species.

Visitors can marvel at Aboriginal rock art adorning sandstone overhangs. These ochre stencils, engravings and paintings offer a glimpse into the long and enduring connection Aboriginal people have with this land. The Aboriginal Traditional Owners welcome visitors and ask for respect for the park’s natural and cultural treasures.

Seeking a memorable escape? Carnarvon National Park won’t disappoint. Explore towering sandstone cliffs, spot ancient cycads and discover over 2,000 examples of Aboriginal rock art. This biosphere shelters a diverse range of wildlife, with over 173 bird species, 60 mammal species, 22 frog species and 90 reptile species calling the park home. No wonder over 70,000 visitors explore this 200-million-year-old landscape every year.

Located just 268 kilometres north of Roma, Carnarvon National Park offers a unique blend of cultural and ecological significance. Explore the park’s dramatic landscapes on a variety of walks and hikes, ranging from the multi-day Great Walk to shorter trails suitable for all fitness levels.

Lace up your boots and discover the wonders of Carnarvon National Park. Explore Aboriginal rock art, diverse plant and animal life, and the dramatic sandstone cliffs that characterise this Central Queensland oasis.

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