Explore stunning hiking trails of Alpine National Park

Discover the diverse trails of Alpine National Park, Victoria, offering hikes and walks for all skill levels and interests. Find your perfect adventure today.

Grade 4

Delatite River Trail Walk (22km)

Discover Adventure and Nature in Victoria’s Alpine National Park

Located a scenic three-hour drive northeast of Melbourne, Victoria’s Alpine National Park offers a vast wilderness playground for all interests. This awe-inspiring landscape boasts dramatic mountain ranges, wildflower meadows and snow-covered peaks, creating a habitat for unique flora and fauna.

Adventure seekers will find endless possibilities. Hike Victoria’s highest mountains, including Mount Feathertop (second highest) and Mount Bogong (highest). Explore the park’s diverse landscapes on horseback or mountain bike adventures. For a thrilling ride, tackle white-water rapids or navigate secluded areas on a four-wheel drive tour. In winter, cross-country ski through snow gum forests.

The Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing is a multi-day hike traversing alpine ridges, lush valleys and breathtaking scenery. The Wonnangatta Four-wheel Drive track takes you on a historical journey through rugged bushland and stunning mountains.

Walkers can choose from challenging hikes like The Razorback, leading to Mount Feathertop, or conquer Victoria’s highest peak, Mount Bogong. For a historical touch, explore the scattered huts used by cattlemen in the Bogong High Plains.

The park is also a haven for winter sports enthusiasts. Ski groomed runs or embark on challenging backcountry adventures.

Hikers of all levels can find suitable trails. Harrietville provides access to challenging hikes like Bungalow Spur and Bon Accord Spur, leading to Mount Feathertop and other peaks. The area around Mount Hotham and Dinner Plain offers scenic walks of varying difficulty, including The Razorback, Mount Loch, and Carmichael Falls.

Beyond adventure, immerse yourself in the rich history of the High Country. Over 60 historic huts remain, built by cattlemen, skiers, hikers and road workers. Some of these well-preserved huts are accessible on day trips from Harrietville.

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