Hikes in Victoria

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Whether you are after a gentle stroll or a challenging hike, walking in Victoria’s beautifully preserved national parks, reserves and suburban parks will leave you feeling refreshed and alive. Choose your scenery from forests, mountains, coasts, river valleys and historic areas and choose your level from short, facilitated walks and build up to medium, long and overnight walks. With the chance to tune into nature and enjoy the fresh air, to be soothed by a breeze in the trees, to feel sun on your face and improve your physical and mental health, you’re certain to want to spend more time walking in Victoria’s parks.

Square Bottle and Whiskey Circuit (14.2km)

The Three Lost Children Walk (15km)

Tipperary Twin Bridges Circuit (24km)

Blue Gum Loop (22km)

Grampians Peaks Trail (164km)

Camel Pad Track (10km)

Warepil Lookout Loop (6.8km)

Bugle Ridge Lake Brockie Loop (11.5km)

Woodlands Walk (7.5km)

Mournpall Lake Loop (9.8km)

Eastern Walking Circuit (4.8km)

Long Rock Walking Track (7km)

The Entrance Walk (5.5km)

Fairy Dell Jeep Track Circuit (13.8km)

Fairy Dell Scenic Loop (1.6km)

Discovery Trail Oak Track Circuit (14.5km)

Discovery Trail Walk (15km)

Flaggy Creek Gorge (12km)

Conic Range Walking Track (1.5km)

Summit Loop Nature Trail (1km)

Woodland Walk (8.4km)

Vereker Outlook Walk (6km)

Millers Landing Nature Walk (5.2km)

Big Drift Walk (4.5km)

Northern Brisbane Ranges Circuit (19.5km)

Hogan Track and Old River (24km)

Ruths Gully Byers Back Track (18.2km)

Woowookarung Dementia Friendly Forest and Sensory Trail

George Bass Coastal Walk (17km)

Werribee River Mount Hope Circuit 2 (17km)

Lake Monibeong Circuit (13.5km)

Petrified Forest Walk (800m)

Freshwater Springs Whites Beach Walk (6.3km)

Blowholes to Cape Bridgewater Seal Colony (11km)

Cape Bridgewater Seal Colony (6.8km)

Mount Worth Waterfall Bower Circuit (10.2km)

Plenty Gorge River Hike (21km)

Mount Buffalo Wilhelmina Spur (12km)

Buffalo Plateau Circuit (33.8km)

The Missing Link Along the Yarra (7.5km)

Bryce Gorge Circuit (7.6km)

Yankee Creek (8.5km)

Mount Beckworth – Northern Section (8.5km)

The Fortress (5.2km)

Werribee Gorge and Falcons Rim (13.7km)

Blowhole and Bald Hill (16.7km)

Aire River to Johanna Beach (12.4km)

East Walk and Cowan Track (13.4km)

Little River Gorge Walk (7.5km)

Werribee Gorge Offtrail (6.9km)

Emerald to Cockatoo Trail (6.2m)

Clearwater Gully (15.4km)

Mount St Gwinear (8km)

Fainter and Spion Kopje Firetrail Circuit (65km)

Chalwell Galleries (6km)

Eurobin Falls (1.4km)

Mount Lubra and Twin Peak (9km)

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