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Mitchell River Walking Trail (17.6km)

Date: 28 April 2018

Time: 8:15 am - 4:30 pm

Length (km): 17.6km

Duration(hours): 7 to 8 hours

Grade: 4: Hard (experienced hikers only)

Style: One Way (Car shuffle required)

Distance from CBD (km): 292km

Description of hike

Getting there:

Mitchell River National Park is 300 kilometres from Melbourne. From the Princes Highway (A1), turn off at Lindenow-Glenaladale Road (C602) west of Bairnsdale. Turn left into Bairnsdale-Dargo Road (C601) then right into Waller Road at the National Park sign. Travel 4.7km to the Den of Nargun Picnic area.


From river to gorge top, the semi-remote Mitchell River Walking Trail follows the west bank of the river downstream from Angusvale through the Den of Nargun gorge, which is lined with remnants of temperate rainforest.

The trail itself is rugged in parts and has several uphill and downhill sections. Whilst 18-kilometres may not seem long, it can be quite deceiving given how low the trail goes into the gullies and how high it goes to the top of the gorge.

The Mitchell River National Park protects spectacular river scenery, serene rainforest gullies, rugged landscapes and significant occurrences of some of Victoria’s more unusual vegetation communities. The park covers an area of 12,200 ha and is divided by the spectacular Mitchell River, one of 18 Heritage Rivers in Victoria. This easily accessible national park is a 45 minute drive from Bairnsdale.

Note: We are meeting at the end point of this hike (den of Nargujn end) and doing a car shuffle to the start. Please ensure you arrive at our meeting point prior to 8.15am so that we are ready to leave on time.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below this event information


28 April
08:15 - 16:30
Event Category:


Julie Edwards


Length (km)
Duration (hrs)
7 to 8 hours
4: Hard (experienced hikers only)
One Way (Car shuffle required)
Distance from CBD (km)
How to find you
Dark Grey Ford Ranger
Maximum number of attendees
Toilets Available
Pace of hike
Medium pace (3km per hour +)

Meeting Point

Den of Nargun
Wallers Road
Cobbannah, Victoria Australia
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Additional Information

How to find you: Dark Grey Ford Ranger

Toilets Available: Yes

Drinking water available: None

Pace of hike: Medium pace (3km per hour +)

Maximum number of attendees : 8

Event Organiser

Julie Edwards


Name No. of guests
Jeremy Johnson 2
Meg Rennie 0
Chris Connelly 0
Darren Edwards 0
Jemma Nichols 1

Risk and Waiver of liability Conditions of hike attendance

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6 thoughts on “Mitchell River Walking Trail (17.6km)

  1. Sounds great! This area is where my grandfather used to camp for months at a time as a timber worker around the early 1900s. Of course, we now know that is bad and evil!

    Is there an option to make this a 2-day hike?
    i.e. walk with the group on Saturday, wave goodbye and camp overnight then retrace the route back to the start point?
    Also, I assume that there will be water in the Mitchell River that can be treated.

    I’ll RSVP when / if I get a leave pass from home!

    1. Hey Chris. You could do this as a two day Hike. That is usually what people do. We have to be home Sunday so that’s the reason we are only hiking one way. Yeah. There will be water in the river but you won’t need it for a one day hike. Only if you decide to hike back alone

  2. Unfortunately I’ve got pull out of the hike tomorrow! Had a change of plans and none of us can make it. Sorry! Hope you guys have fun!