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Australian Alpine Walking Trail AAWT

HI All

Just wanted to vent some hot air and have the forum thoughts on the state of the track.
We had some scouts attempt a 30k hike over 2 nights from Mt Erica Rd heading down hill to Walhalla over this last weekend 29th Sept to 1st Oct 2017. With a start shortly before midday their 1st overnight stop was to be the bush site at Thompsons River Bridge.
By approx 4:30pm the hike was abondoned at the road crossing near the junction of South Face Road.
The scouts took about 4 hours to cover about 7k's. They were doing this alone as was meant to be un assisted but not un monitored. The scouts were well prepared and reasonably experienced for 13 to 14 year olds and all had done 30k hikes previously. This big issue was that they said that the track was near impenetrable with growth in parts and blocked by numerous fallen trees (not recently) and destroyed bridges.
Why is a trail of what could be described and or meant to be an iconic walking trail in Australia.
As this is the 1st section of the trail I guess any body attempting more remote sections may have to review their options.

This is a real shame. Funny, I was actually hiking up that way the same weekend. Part of one of my hikes was along the section from Poverty Point to the Thompsons River Bridge. That section of the trail seemed well maintained and easy to follow. I suspect because that is part of a circuit that day trippers to the area do.

I am guessing that funding is the culprit for the section of the trail you mentioned. A lot of trails in Vic are maintained by volunteer groups, not Parks Vic as they simply don't have the resources. It is a shame. I have heard a few groups talking lately about improving the trail but who knows when.

Just for clarification in my mind, did your group follow the Australian Alps Walking Track (which follows a long spur) or did they come down the old trail via Trigger Creek Track and The narrows? Both hit South face Road at the same point.


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  1. We are training for our second EBC Trek in March (we did just Base Camp last year) this year we will be adding the three passes. Dareen is so right .. I can walk for days on flat or even .. but once you start having to lift yourself up steps at odd intervals your body need to be ready for it .. Im doing 4 days a week STAIRS ONLY at work (I work in a 10 floor building) fingers crossed this helps …great site @DarrenEdwards