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OCM versus Map view

Hi all,
Hoping for some advice please. When viewing the track notes for different walks the map has a box in the top left corner that says OSM. It has a drop down menu with lots of options including “map”. I discovered on a recent walk that the “map” version has more detail, specifically more roads and tracks marked compared to the OCM view. BUT when I download the gpx file e.g into Pocket Earth app, it’s only in OCM version. Is there any way to access the more detailed version of the map from the gpx file?
Thanks for you help

Hi Jackie. OSM stands for Open Street Maps and is an open source mapping solution. My site allows users to view trails using a few different vendor map types, such as the ones you mentioned. This is all provided at software level and has nothing to do with the GPX file.

When you download the file and view it in Pocket Earth all you will see is the Open Street Maps (OSM) because that is what Pocket Earth have used to build their app. It has nothing to do with the GPX file that you downloaded. If you prefer a different map type, you will need to find an app that supports that map type.

Interested to hear that you dont find Pocket Earth has enough detail. I use that app and have paid for and downloaded the topographic maps and there is plenty of information and detail for off-trail navigation. Have you installed the topographical maps?

Thanks Darren,
I appreciate all the info. I have got the topo maps installed. The problem I ran into was on a specific walk (silver creek circuit in Flowerdale/Kinglake). We missed a turn off and ended up on a different track which ran almost parallel to the one we were supposed to be on, so very similar topographically. We had trouble finding our way back as the road we were on and the cross roads we needed weren’t on the OCM but were on the map version.


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  1. We are training for our second EBC Trek in March (we did just Base Camp last year) this year we will be adding the three passes. Dareen is so right .. I can walk for days on flat or even .. but once you start having to lift yourself up steps at odd intervals your body need to be ready for it .. Im doing 4 days a week STAIRS ONLY at work (I work in a 10 floor building) fingers crossed this helps …great site @DarrenEdwards