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Cape to Cape opinions wanted!

Hi! I am a design student and my task is to design a logo and marker for the Cape to Cape track, of which follows the southwest coast of WA. Anyone who has experienced this track, or parts of it, is appreciated in answering some of these questions!

1. How did you find out about the track?
2. Do you live in WA or did you travel to walk the track?
3. Did you walk the track alone or in a group (and if so, was it a group of strangers or friends/family)
4. How much prior experience did you have of bushwalking/hiking before walking the track?
5. How much experience do you think is necessary to accomplish the whole journey?
6. Would you walk the track again? Or have you walked it multiple times?
7. What do you consider the main features of the track (view, flora/fauna, sense of accomplishment etc)?
8. What do you consider the greatest issue of the track?
9. Would you recommend the track to others?

Any answers are appreciated!!!

Thank you 🙂


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  1. We are training for our second EBC Trek in March (we did just Base Camp last year) this year we will be adding the three passes. Dareen is so right .. I can walk for days on flat or even .. but once you start having to lift yourself up steps at odd intervals your body need to be ready for it .. Im doing 4 days a week STAIRS ONLY at work (I work in a 10 floor building) fingers crossed this helps …great site @DarrenEdwards