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Getting Hike Ready

Other than just getting out and hiking, which is sometimes easier said than done. Do you have any fitness tips to get you ready for a hike?
I'm going to walk the Great Ocean Walk next year, my PT has given me some stuff to work on, but thought I'd check with folks that actually hike 🙂

I have always found stairs to be the best form of exercise. When hiking, most people can walk long distances over flat terrain but it is only when you hit the hills that the true test of fitness comes in. This is where you and your muscles need the most oxygen. Training by walking up and down stairs will build your lung capacity and endurance. This article I have written also has a few other tips.

If you are planning a muti-day hike, I would definitely advise practice hiking with a fully loaded pack as you will use a lot of different muscles to normal walking. I like to walk a little further than my planned longest day in the week prior.
When planning a route I like to make the first day a hard long one and the next easier.
Look at Armaskin socks to prevent the curse of most hikers ....blisters. it goes without saying wear boots that are well worn-in and comfortable.
Hope these points help Enjoy.


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