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Getting Hike Ready

Other than just getting out and hiking, which is sometimes easier said than done. Do you have any fitness tips to get you ready for a hike?
I'm going to walk the Great Ocean Walk next year, my PT has given me some stuff to work on, but thought I'd check with folks that actually hike 🙂

I have always found stairs to be the best form of exercise. When hiking, most people can walk long distances over flat terrain but it is only when you hit the hills that the true test of fitness comes in. This is where you and your muscles need the most oxygen. Training by walking up and down stairs will build your lung capacity and endurance. This article I have written also has a few other tips.

If you are planning a muti-day hike, I would definitely advise practice hiking with a fully loaded pack as you will use a lot of different muscles to normal walking. I like to walk a little further than my planned longest day in the week prior.
When planning a route I like to make the first day a hard long one and the next easier.
Look at Armaskin socks to prevent the curse of most hikers ....blisters. it goes without saying wear boots that are well worn-in and comfortable.
Hope these points help Enjoy.

Thank you both for your advice. I shall check that link Darren.
I have actually done the 1000 steps as a workout and hope to do it at least 4 more times in this last month before our trip. I also used this as a chance to break in my shoes and have a good test. So far so good.
I will go for a nice long hike with my pack. It was planned, but haven't done it yet, and it would be remiss of me not to. I have done some walks with a weight vest, but 10kg vest isn't the same as a 17kg pack.

We started by doing shorter walks and building up to longer, more challenging walks. It's been quite satisfying to go back to these and realise how much fitter we are. Our first walks were places like Yellow Gum Park, Pound Bend and Jumping Creek. We're hoping to do The Great Ocean Road walk this year but will do it in two installments.

getting out there and hiking is the best way to condition your body.. if that is not an option, load up your pack and go for long day walks..

17kg pack ?? what exactly are you taking ? seems a little heavy for a GOW ?

I would suggest and highly recommend you to gear up yourself perfectly. As i always get this thing from many people, either they have not taken proper precautions or they are out of supps. So it is better to be prepared for everything. have been ordering advance package from BattlBox coupons with discounts. Thought to share it with you all


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  1. We are training for our second EBC Trek in March (we did just Base Camp last year) this year we will be adding the three passes. Dareen is so right .. I can walk for days on flat or even .. but once you start having to lift yourself up steps at odd intervals your body need to be ready for it .. Im doing 4 days a week STAIRS ONLY at work (I work in a 10 floor building) fingers crossed this helps …great site @DarrenEdwards