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Grampians Peaks Trail Stage 1

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone here hiked the peaks trail stage 1 and if so do you think it can be done in 1 day. I'm fine with a very early start and late finish.

Thanks in advance,

I walked this section in Sept 2016.Started at Halls gap at 1.00pm and via the pinnicle to Bugiga camp at 4.30. The camp has toilets and water and camping platforms. In my opinion, this camp is total overkill. The money should have been spent on extending the track.
Left Bugiga camp at 7.00am via Mt Rosea to Bough Huts campground at 12.00. Had an hour rest and arrived at Halls Gap at 4.00 28k day. The last leg from bough huts should not be underestimated as it climbs up and down many gullies .The whole route is easy to follow being well marked.There are many good areas near Mt Rosea and great views. Spring is the best time of year with wildflowers everywhere.


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  1. We are training for our second EBC Trek in March (we did just Base Camp last year) this year we will be adding the three passes. Dareen is so right .. I can walk for days on flat or even .. but once you start having to lift yourself up steps at odd intervals your body need to be ready for it .. Im doing 4 days a week STAIRS ONLY at work (I work in a 10 floor building) fingers crossed this helps …great site @DarrenEdwards