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Flashlights for Hiking

Hey everyone!! This is my first post on the forum after finding this cool website. I am hiking for few months in the area of Victoria (its my new fav hobby because its so chill) and sometimes when me and my hiking friend stay later than usual it happens that the flashlights from our phones is not enough light on the road. Is there any professional flashlights that are better than the basic ones, and should I invest in one?
Thanks in advance, Monica.

Hi Monica. When I stared hiking I had a small LED torch in my pack for emergency use. It was adequate but certainly not for hiking longer distances at night as it was a cheap Chinese one and the batteries drained quickly. After quite a few years of hiking and camping I find that the practicalities of wearing a head lamp make them extremely beneficial. They free up your hands to do other things and are not likely to be accidentally dropped and lost. I haven't field tested a lot of lamps but started off by buying cheaper (and bulkier ones) from camping general stores. The one I have now is the Black Diamond Astro headlamp. I did find the touch sensor on/off and control switch a bit fiddly to use at first but seem to have mastered it now. My recommendation would be to find a headlamp that is light weight, waterproof, doesn't consume too much power and has options for dimming the beam as well as modifying the bean from a broad light to a more concentrated spot. Not sure where you are located but I bought mine from Backpacking Light in Melbourne's CBD. They have a good range and can help with the selection. Mention my name or this site and they should offer you a discount.

Hope that helps.


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