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What is the best time in a year to use the trails

I am talking about those trails like Tasmanian Trail, and the one from Healesville to Queensland. Is there a best time in each year for the use of those trails.

In my view, as my time is flexible, and can choose to go when it is less crowed, I have made up the following conclusions and ideas.

++ November to December, is the best time

--- Greater hours of light, is a great advantage for a first-timer. Once I have done the trail a few times, the hours of light are not so important.

Having the light to see maps, and landmarks is very important for the first time, and further more at the end of the day, when you are at the campsite for the first time, you learn much about the camp of which would not know if you turn up when it is dark.

Late December is the hours of longest light, and is the best time for that reason.

--- Early summer is safer than late summer for bush fire risk

While all summer is at risk of bush fire, including November and December, The majority of bush fires happen in January and Feb. All of the big and devistating fires, such as Black Saturday and Ash Wednesday all roam at that time of the year.

Early Summer can be dry, but often the bush has not had the time to dry out like it does in Jan and Feb.

--- One matter I hope to talk about, and learn abit about here, is, I should avoid the crowds.

Am I right to say, Christmas to Australia day would be the busiest?

While I trust November and December to be busy, at least busier than June or July, November would I guess be quieter than January?

This may be great for another thread.

If you look at December/January it will be school holidays, so I it would be more likely to have crowds.
Summer can be hot, 44 degree days, so that and any water requirements would be something to think about.


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