• Length: 18.2km

  • Duration: 7hrs

  • Grade: 3

  • Style: Circuit

  • Start: Cascades Carpark

  • End: Cascades Carpark

  • Closest Town: Batchelor

  • Location: Litchfield National Park

  • Distance from state capital: 130km Darwin

  • State: NT

  • Latitude: -13.127256296575069

  • Longitude: 130.66151836887002


Cascades Wangi Loop is a 18.2km, grade 3 Circuit hike located in Litchfield National Park Northern Territory. The hike should take approximately 7hrs to complete.


This is a combined bike & hike route. A bike ride from Cascades Carpark of approx 8km on flat sealed road to Wangi Falls. A hike to return to Cascades via the upper tableland Litchfield National Park of approx 10km. The circuit hike visits 4 waterfalls – Wangi, Bine Jeruk, Tjenya & Upper Cascades.

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There are 2 off trail sections over easy ground to access & leave the Tabletop Track.

Getting there

Drive vehicle to Cascades Carpark , Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory. At the end of the hike the vehicle is then used to pick up the bike which will have been left secured at Wangi Falls

About the region

Litchfield National Park, covering approximately 1500 km2, is near the township of Batchelor, 100 km south-west of Darwin, in the Northern Territory of Australia. Each year the park attracts over 260,000 visitors.

The Central sandstone plateau supports rich woodland flora communities dominated by species including Darwin woolybutt and Darwin stringybark, as well as banksias, grevilleas, terminalias and a wide variety of other woodland species.

Remnant pockets of monsoon rainforest thrive along the bottom of the escarpment, and in the deep narrow gorges created over thousands of years by the force of the waterfalls cutting into the escarpment walls.

They are significant because of their size and lack of disturbance. Here visitors will find lilies and slender ground orchids growing among Pandanus, paperbark and swamp bloodwoods.


  • Leave early in the morning at first light to avoid the afternoon heat.
  • Best months are between March & June when the waterfalls are pumping. Between October & January expect high humidity, higher temperatures & possible flooding rains.
  • Also check the ‘Weed burning” operations by the Rangers – weed control burns are usually between the months of June & July
Total distance: 18243 m
Max elevation: 195 m
Min elevation: 23 m
Total climbing: 421 m
Total descent: -398 m
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