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Trail Hiking Australia is a member of the following organisations in order to support the outdoor community and encourage people of all ages to get outside and discover their next adventure. Through these memberships, my aim is to promote hiking (bushwalking), engage in activities that add value to the community and proactively represent the interests of all hikers and other recreational walkers.

Some of the things I do include the following:

  • Provision of this site as a portal for access to walk details across Australia
  • Promoting hiking and its numerous benefits at a national level
  • Representing the interests of hikers at industry forums
  • Facilitation of information and experience sharing between States
  • Encouraging people to lead walks and develop leadership skills without imposing unnecessary or inappropriate requirements on clubs
  • Developing Guide Books on a range of topics relevant to hiking.


2 thoughts on “Memberships

  1. Hi.
    I am Oscar 36 yo.
    From Geelong and I like do bush walking…but I want to do in pack…few times I getting lost and snakes. …
    Well I am available any Saturday or Sunday…and should be any place up to 200 k far away from Geelong.
    But should be far if this is for the weekend..or more days.

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